Information For Patients

Preparing for your Procedure:

Please read carefully the following general instructions that apply to patients having:

Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

It is important that all patients also read instructions specific to the procedure or procedures they are having. Please click on the appropriate link below to read and/or print the instructions provided.

General Instructions

For all procedures, please be sure to arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment!

Confirmation: Please call to confirm your appointment with us at least 5 days in advance. There will be a fee of $200.00 for any cancellation made within 3 business days prior to the procedure.

Health Card: Patients must present a valid provincial Health Card or OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) at the time of their appointment as per the Ministry of Health.

Referral Letter: All new patients must be referred to Holly Endoscopy Clinic by a doctor.

Sedation: If you choose to have sedation, YOU CANNOT DRIVE FOR 24 HOURS. You must bring a responsible adult with you who can escort you home from the clinic. We recommend they stay with you for the next 3-4 hours.

Preparing your body in general:

If you are taking prescribed medications, please continue on those medications before and after the colonoscopy with the following exceptions:

  1. Aspirin & Plavix should be stopped in advance of your examination, otherwise, removal of polyps or biopsies may cause bleeding. Aspirin should be discontinued 7 days prior, Plavix discontinued 10 days prior to your procedure (both medications can be continued 4 days after your examination). Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, Entrophen should be stopped as well. If you have taken Gravol, notify the doctor before the procedure.
  2. Coumadin (Warfarin) if you are on Coumadin, talk to your cardiologist about stopping 4 days prior to the exam and get an INR test done the afternoon before your examination. Ask your lab to fax us the results by 8:00 am the following day (416) 486-7888. Do not schedule a Monday appointment for the colonoscopy.
  3. Electrocardiogram (ECG) patients over the age of 65 requesting sedation must bring an ECG with them to the appointment. If not available, please use the enclosed Requisition Form to arrange an ECG with your family doctor.
  4. If you have an (a) artificial heart valve or (b) artificial joint or another device that has been implanted within the last 6 months, you must be on antibiotics before the examination. We recommend that you obtain a prescription from your family physician for Amoxicillin 2gms, which is to be taken 1 hour before the procedure (for any questions about taking antibiotics, please consult your cardiologist). If you have a pacemaker, please remind us at the beginning of your examination.
  5. If you are a diabetic on oral medication, please continue to take your mediation.  Take one tin of diabetic Ensure or Glucerna at each mealtime during your preparation for the colonoscopy and make an early morning appointment.  If you are an insulin dependant diabetic, please consult with your family physician regarding your insulin requirement.
  6. Oral iron tablets stop taking these 5 days before procedure.
  7. If you use an inhaler or use nitroglycerin in any form, please bring it with you to your appointment.

Detailed instructions for specific procedures:

For you convenience, you can read and print instructions for your procedure as PDF file or a Word document as listed below.

Informed Consent:

Prior to your procedure you will be asked to sign a Consent Form — click here to download. Please read carefully and at the time of the appointment you will be asked to sign it and ask your doctor any related questions.

PDF Documents

If you don't have Adobe Reader or need to upgrade to the latest version, click here to download:

Assessment Form - Fill out at Home
Endoscopy Consent Form
Instructions for PICO-SALAX® COLONOSCOPY patients
Instructions for PEG COLONOSCOPY patients
Instructions for GASTROSCOPY patients
Instructions for PICO-SALAX® COLONOSCOPY and GASTROSCOPY patients
Instructions for PEG COLONOSCOPY and GASTROSCOPY patients
Instructions for FLEXIBLE SIGMOIDOSCOPY patients